Getting your wedding photographer

It can be quite a touch decision to choose your wedding photographer in Singapore when there are so many good, professional photographers in Singapore. There are quite a bit of things you will need to consider to aid in your decision-making.

Firstly, how many wedding photographers do you intend to engage? If you want to engage just one wedding photographer, then you can choose freely between different freelance wedding photographers and wedding studios in Singapore. SG freelance wedding photographers work alone. If you want to engage more than one wedding photographers, then it will be better to engage a wedding studio. Comprising of many wedding photographers, a wedding studio will be able to provide you with multiple wedding photographers. Though you can mix and match individual freelance wedding photographers together, there is a risk of them not being able to cooperate well together. This risk is hugely reduced if you engage multiple wedding photographers from a wedding studio as the wedding photographers will already know each other.

Secondly, is the wedding photographer experienced and capable? We want our wedding pictures to look good. Hence, with regards to wedding photography, we will place a great emphasis on quality. There are some ways to determine whether the wedding photographer is good. Most notably, you can find out by browsing through their portfolios and reviews online. It is easy to tell whether a photographer is good by looking at his portfolio. Good photographs stand out easily.

Thirdly, where you want to hold your wedding photo shoot? If you intend to hold your wedding photo shoot locally in Singapore, then you should get a local wedding photographer. Otherwise, if you want to hold your wedding photo shoot overseas, it will be better to engage an overseas wedding photographer. This is because it is important that the wedding photographer must know the place well. Knowing the place well allows the photographer to determine which locations are more suitable and beautiful to hold the photo shoot at. Moreover, the photographer will also be able to lead the way around the country if he knows the place well. This will cut down a lot of traveling time between places. In there, you can find out the top wedding photographers in each country around the world. Thus, once you have decided on your wedding photography location, refer to the list to find out these top wedding photographers that you can engage.

Remember, quality matters for wedding photography. Make your decision wisely.

Understanding Singapore Wedding Photography Packages

There are so many different kinds of wedding photography packages offered by Singapore wedding studios. Each of them have their own terms and unique features. It is easy for one to get confused or frustrated looking at the numerous different kinds of wedding packages in Singapore. If you have the patience, time and an analytical mind, you will be able to understand all the different kinds of wedding photography packages by spending a few hours to read through them.

I can help you speed up the process of understanding common Singapore photography services. Hence, with a quick browse next time, you will be able to tell roughly what and products the wedding photography package contains.

Firstly, the wedding photography packages differ in their photo shoot hours. Three most common hours are three hours, five hours, and ten hours of photography services. This means that the wedding photographer is expected to shoot for just three, five or ten hours respectively. Any additional hours of photo shoot will be charged extra. With this in mind, couples can compare their needs against the hours of wedding photo shoot required. If they want a photographer for the Registry of Marriage (ROM) session, three hours will suffice. If they want a photographer to shoot pre wedding photography for them, then five or ten hours will be needed depending on the number of shots they want to get.

Secondly, the number of wedding photographers also varies with different kinds of wedding photography packages. Usually, wedding photography packages will only provide one wedding photographer to the customer. Only the higher end wedding photography packages in Singapore will provide two or more wedding photographers to the customers. For the pre wedding photo shoot, there will only be one photographer on scene most of the time. It is quite rare to see two photographers shooting a couple for their pre wedding photography. However, on the actual day wedding, sometimes we can see two or more photographers roaming around. This is because there are a lot more things going on at the same time that one photographer will not be able to capture all the pictures.

Thirdly, remember to flip to the back of the wedding photography brochures which contain the fine prints. Read to understand whether the products such as wedding photo album and photo frames are included as part of the package. Some wedding studios mention these products in their packages but fail to inform customers clearly that they will be charged extra for these products.

Photo shoot hours, number of wedding photographers, and the products are the three things that wedding couples should zoom into to quickly get an idea of the photography package.